Thursday, May 25, 2017

Once Again The Fat Asshole Infesting The White House Embarrasses Us All

trump shoves the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of the way so he can stick his fat ugly mug in front of the cameras. Ugh. I can't wait for this vile, disgusting and totally classless pig to be out of office - ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

For Once I Agree With President Trump

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“I won’t call them monsters, because they would like that term... they’re losers, just remember that,” Trump said.

Image result for manchester arena bombing

I agree and, as always seems to happen, this kind of crime always brings out the best in many. It shows that terrorism of any stripe will fail as it only serves to remind us all that we are all one family and we will damn sure stand as family. This is not a political issue - it's a family matter. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump Regrets Website Overwhelmed

This is but a very tiny fraction of the tweets from former Trump voters feeling regret for their votes.



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    Since my dumbass voted for you. Am I able to do rage tweets while you make billions and I make $550 every two weeks?
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    Mr. I supported you all this way, but I think you are as corrupt as the people you criticized. This is enough to impeach U
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    I voted for I realize I should've voted for the war criminal....
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    What are you babbling about now no politician in modern times has been worse than you and I voted for you
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    hey dumbass I voted for you but it's time to shut the fuck up before you get your ass and Peach God damn
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    Your going to be impeached before this new investigation starts. Because of your big mouth. I can't believe I voted for you. What a mistake
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    I voted for you NOW I wish I had NOT
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    I voted for you. With reservations. But your presidency has been such a disappointment. Do the country a favor...resign
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    as an American who for some reason voted for you. I now know I let my county down
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    Obama was pathetic leader, your current track might set the bottom of the barrel lower & I backed & voted for you.
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    I predicted you would be impeached and it seems likely at this point. I voted for you but
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    I am starting to regret that I had voted for you. Meeting was close doors with Russia press only. You becoming a shame to everyone (sad)
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    I voted for you and you are embarrassing me. Stop the insanity. Act like a president. Please.
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    , I voted for you, but you shame the USA. You turned your back on , and now . You are no .
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    The west wall in Jerusalem belongs to the JEWS...DONALD TRUMP I am sorry I voted for you can't trust a man who cheats
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    Stop breaking your promises. I supported you once. No more. End dual citizenship! America First, not Israel
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    I voted for you, and frankly, I should have voted for Clinton. You lied to everyone, continue to lie.
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    You acted exactly as Obama/Hillary did. Thought you were different and would not fall for fake propaganda. I'm embarrassed I supported you
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    I supported you until you gave NASA money, now I know you're just another traitor.
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    I supported you! Not anymore ,only 3 months & you've sold us all out . Betrayed those who put you there & destroyed thier trust in you. sad
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    WAR is NOT why I supported you. Ongoing GLOBALIST AGENDA is NOT why I supported you. You & I are now Finished.
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    I supported you faithfully but you have joined the swamp. Very sad for USA.
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    I supported you because of your views on PC culture. Now I realize you are a thin skinned snowflake and a crook.
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    I am so sickened by you who I supported. You bragged about being a deal maker. This was a democrat golden calf. Funding planned parenthood
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    I supported you with vote and a good chunk of money. I would not have done that knowing influence.
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    I supported you. Your conduct over the past 48 hours is unacceptable and irrational. I'm out!
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    Stupid idea. Dictatorship! You should know what you tell spicer to announce to the American people. And to think I supported u. SMH my bad.
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    What are you going to say? More fibs. You have made a mockery of this country. You suck and I can't believe I voted for you Get respectable
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    Sir, I voted 4 you and supported you. But I now think that u sir, are a DICK. Quit throwing other folks under the bus.