Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy "Made In America" week, everyone! Oops!!!

In a desperate attempt to deflect attention from the ever-widening collusion scandal, President Tiny hands has declared this "Made in America Week." Sounds great, doesn't it? It's an excellent idea (which the Democrats have been pushing for two decades, at least) Buy American is the meme and one that I happily get behind.

Now for the problem -- Of the myriad products in the Trump organization, which includes Ivanka Trump's line of ugly shoes and cheap looking clothing, and the Cheeto Bandito's line of ties, suits, vodka, etc. NOT ONE ITEM IS MADE IN AMERICA. That's right, not one single item. They are mostly made in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, Vietnam and India.

 Someone forgot to remind the Cheeto-chump that NONE of his or his vile daughter's crap is actually made in America! Chinese steel was used in his hotels and high rises, and his workforce for those buildings were 80% foreign nationals (and many of them got stiffed for their efforts).  Lucky for him, the suckers bought it and still eat up the garbage he spews.

Ahh Republiclowns - yet more hypocrisy from the party of kooks and scammers.....

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donny Jr. Provides The Smoking Gun To Destroy The Trumps

Monday, July 10, 2017

Trump Really Is Putin's Bitch

And the embarrassing groveling Ole Donny did for Putin more than proves it. Imagine, if you will, a Democrat, on foreign soil, meeting with our biggest adversary in the world and, instead of confronting them about attacking our entire system of voting, Trump says he's 'honored' to meet the KGB Spymaster and then goes on to trash two former presidents, our entire intelligence machine and our free press! The hypocrites now known as Republiclowns would be running around with their hair on fire screaming about the 'traitor'. But somehow, when it's the cheeto colored moron, they're mute. Some of the fools even attempt to make Tweety McStupid sound like he knows what the hell he's doing! Amazing. 

Now, for any of you swamp dwellers who are thinking of spewing on here - you either address the topic of you'll be gone. Got it? Have an adult read it for you if need be.......

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The G20

In an ironic twist for the hotel chain owner, every luxury hotel in town seemed to be booked up. There do not appear to be any Trump-owned properties in the northern German city. 

Donald Trump has reportedly had trouble getting a hotel roomfor the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. 
His team apparently waited too long to book accommodations for the President and his travelling staff and were told none of the major hotels had vacancies, Buzzfeed reported. 
The local newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt reported that the Four Seasons had to turn him away as they were full. 
Buzzfeed did some digging and found that King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his massive entourage are staying at the Four Seasons as well two other high-end hotels
Russian President Vladimir Putin is staying at the Park Hyatt and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will make camp at the Atlantic Kempinski with India and Canada. 
However, the Hamburg government's Senate House will reportedly host him, while staff will likely stay at the US Consulate there.