Monday, December 12, 2016

Government Of Putin
From now on, that will be the name the Republiclowns will be known by. 

The fricking hypocrites who screamed and cried about president Obama 'bowing down' to foreign leaders looks the other way when Putin's Buttboy Trump gives him a happy ending on national TV and slams our own intelligence agencies. 

The fricking hypocrites who shouted out in anger about 'government intrusion' and 'let business take care of business' and are still upset at the bail-outs (which saved countless jobs and the American Auto industry was PAID BACK with INTEREST) are now more than happy to wave a flag and gush about trump spending 7 million tax dollars in a bribe to keep 700 jobs in Indiana. 

I cannot even believe what I'm hearing from the radical right. I've never been more disgusted with a bunch of people in my entire life. Do they even hear themselves or are they so far gone into the right wing bubble that making sense is no longer a desirable thing?


Saturday, December 10, 2016

From Russia With Malice

Let’s be completely honest, America: we’ve just been handed an election result that was hand-picked, paid for, gift-wrapped, and delivered by our committed comrades from across the sea.
And while the recipient of that noxious gift-giving, Donald Trump, sniffs that we should reject the bombshell findings released this weekend and just allow him to get on with the task of “making America great again” (colluding with foreign dictators apparently part of his protocol), the rest of us are left wondering just how much more it will take for the powers-that-be in this country to declare Election 2016 to be null and void. Fraudulent. Manipulated. Corrupt. Unacceptable.
It’s one thing to shake our heads and parse the fact that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by as many votes as President Obama won in 2012 but is still considered “the loser” (which should make abolishing or amending Electoral College rules a priority).

It’s one thing to review the unprecedented and outrageous move of FBI Director James Comey to, right before the election, make ultimately pointless claims of more email trouble for Clinton (how has he not been sanctioned for that?), and feel outrage that this shattered her then-12-point lead and likely aided Trump’s win.
It’s one thing to consider the daily, weekly, monthly drip-drip-drip distraction (and fodder for haters and conspiracists) from Wikileaks and their sleazy founder Julian Assange (still in hiding from law enforcement over sexual assault charges), and question why they only targeted Democrats and how much their biased hackery impacted the election.
It’s one thing to consider the possibility that Russian actors were behind that hackery and likely had a hand in manipulating what got released and when, and ponder the heinous thought that our election itself might have been hacked at the behest of foreign interests and preferences.
It’s one thing to grasp how much fake news — much of it directed by Russia — with its bilious lies directed particularly at Hillary Clinton — misguided and misinformed the electorate, and feel churned by the fact of America’s gullibility.
BUT IT’S A WHOLE OTHER THING to read the bombshell reports that have come out this weekend:
Now the intelligence community has concluded that Russia was clearly after a Trump victory and manipulated information to that end, according to sources who spoke to the newspaper.
“It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia’s goal here was to favor one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected,” a senior U.S. official briefed on the CIA assessment told The Washington Post. “That’s the consensus view.”
Every single thing about that should stir waves of anger and revulsion, brandish red flags so voluminous they’re canopies; ring alarm bells far, wide, and loudly across the entire United States of America. In all our myriad doomsday imaginings, in all the conspiracy theories and Cold War drills, fears of invasion and terrors related to “The Russians are Coming,” what is patently clear at this moment is that the Russians came and they chose our next president.
And that cannot stand. In addition to the other election corruptions listed above, this is an unequivocal tipping point. This should not be a partisan issue; this should not be about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump; this should be about the fact that a foreign power, led by a dictator from a country rife with human rights abuse issues, a country that is a declared “enemy” of America, a country that is hellbent on defying international law in its encroachments; this country just got up close and personal with our domestic presidential election and coerced it in favor of its preferred candidate.
Russia’s preferred candidate lost the popular vote.
Russia’s preferred candidate is Donald J. Trump.
Russian’s preferred candidate cannot be our next president.
That Russia worked so nefariously to tilt this election, and succeeded in doing so, cannot be dismissed along with Comey, Wikileaks, fake news, etc. It makes the election’s results null and void. Our country’s leadership, law enforcement, Homeland Security, and every single one of its citizens should agree with that thesis. Whatever we are or are not, America is a free and democratic nation. If we are forced to accept election results that are fraudulent, manipulated, and corrupt, there will be no uniting behind this president.
He may be Russia’s choice, but without winning an unassailably honest election in America, by Americans, he will not be ours.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trump Regrets Already Piling Up

Tumblr Blog Compiles The Regretful Tweets Of Trump Voters 

by Tod Perry

 December 6, 2016 at 12:30
via Flickr user (cc) Gage Skidmore
There’s a growing group of Americans who are starting to regret voting for Donald Trump and he hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet. One has to wonder what these people were expecting. On the campaign trail, Trump flip-flopped on most of the major issues, including: abortion, immigration, his relationship with Vladimir Putin, a Muslim ban, defeating ISIS, the minimum wage, taxes, climate change, the Iraq war, the KKK, and nuclear proliferation. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that he’d change course on most of his policies after being elected.
A tumblr user has compiled the tweets of Trump supporters who are beginning to rethink their decision on a blog called Trumgrets. The blog gives Trump detractors some post-election solace and the joy of mumbling, “I told you so,” to themselves as they scroll.
Trump made a huge campaign promise to “drain the swamp” of Washington special interest groups and lobbyists after being elected. But the moment he was elected, Trump began stocking the swamp with Washington insiders and chose 17-year Goldman Sachs vet, Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of Treasury. 
As eager as the Democrats have been to give people healthcare, Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has been trying to take it away. Reports show that Trump may turn Medicare into a voucher system, greatly reducing healthcare coverage for America’s seniors and the disabled.
Trump accepted a call from Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen, breaking a 37-year diplomatic silence and riling Chinese leaders.
Trump has gone back on his promise to prosecute former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.
Some people really thought he was going to build a wall and Mexico would pay for it.
Some Trump supporters are feeling general regret for supporting a lunatic.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dear Trump Voter,

If, like me, you woke this morning with a twisted, acidic, contempt-filled knot in your stomach and a head that feels like it’s caught in a vice, don’t panic. It’s called common sense. You obviously have the foresight to recognize what we’re in for, for at least the next four years, if not much, much longer. If, on the other hand, you woke feeling euphoric, with a false sense of the security and prosperity you think you’re about to experience just around the corner, this letter is for you.
I barely got any sleep last night. It wasn’t because the outcome of this election made me realize how many morons populate this country, I already knew that. It’s that trying to come to grips with the fact that a good portion of you, the people I know and like and respect, some of whom I even love, and whom I consider of above average intelligence, just shocked the shit out of me. Bottom line, I had no idea you were that selfish. No idea you were/are that stubborn, obtuse and so apathetic you’d happily sacrifice what’s left of our respect for each other, and our nation, just to prove a point. I’m literally speechless.
Unlike elections past, there’s nothing to feel good about today, as more than a few of you, my friends and relatives, cast your vote for a man who’s made clear his first order of business is to kick half his country’s citizens to the curb. This was not a win based on “Democrat” or “Republican.” This was a win based on hatred, discrimination and division. You just helped put in the highest office in the land, a man who’s been endorsed by members of the KKK, a man who’s demonstrated every trait we’ve been taught to despise since kindergarten ― lying, cheating, hatefulness, pettiness, name-calling, selfishness, bigotry, bravado, etc., etc. ― and a man who cares about nothing but himself. Basically, the exact opposite of what we’re taught a president should be, let alone a human being.
You just helped to put in the highest office in the land a man who’s been endorsed by members of the KKK...
And, why? For my part, the only conclusion I can draw, when you get right down to it, is you, too, only care about yourselves. You only care about your taxes being lowered and/or your business saving a few bucks on health insurance ― if that’s even going to be possible at this point. What other reason is there?
Believe me, I’m no fan of Hillary, either. I, too, feel that 90 percent of our current politicians/leaders are corrupt and/or incompetent ― just look at what a power-hungry dipshit James Comey turned out to be, and this guy runs one of the most powerful agencies on earth. I get it. But, if you think your voting for Trump did anything to improve your quality of life, or, more importantly, your children’s quality of life, going forward, I feel sorry for you.
Do you really think that by casting your vote for Trump you’ve made anything better? Aren’t you the least bit concerned you just helped elect a man to the Presidency, whom, aside from being void of basic class and decency, seeks to abolish a woman’s right to choose? Maybe you don’t give a shit about gay/lesbian rights, either? Perhaps you’re willing to look the other way when it comes to civil rights and the rights of naturalized citizens? Maybe you have no interest in the preservation of our planet and its lands? How about a desire to move away from fossil fuels and towards clean/green natural resources? Do you not believe in climate change and global warming?
Are you seriously ― and it’s horrific if you are ― looking forward to another ”Scalia” sitting on the Supreme Court? Do you agree with Citizens United and corporations being treated as individuals? Do you support putting more guns in the hands of out-of-control psychopaths? Do you believe that spending $80 billion dollars on a few more F-15’s is how to defeat an ideology as determined as ISIS? Do you not think that that money would be better spent strengthening our schools? Do you want your children to grow up in a country that considers every person of color a “suspect?” Well, you must. Because, if you have any concept of what a Republican president ― especially this guy ― with a republican-controlled House and Senate means in this day and age, you just signed your name - and mine - to a contract there’s no going back on. And for what? Lower taxes?
If you think voting for Trump did anything to improve your quality of life, or better still, your children’s quality of life, I feel sorry for you.
These are not the days of the Reagan republicans. There’s about as much chance of the Reagan-era republican making a comeback as Elvis. The last thing republicans represent these days is you and me. Rather, they seek simply to maintain the status quo on behalf of industry while proudly wearing the moniker of spiteful, back-stabbing, hypocritical, petty infants who would rather see this country involved in another civil war than be a part of real change. If you think otherwise, why are we even friends?
My friends know the difference between right and wrong. They have the capacity to reason. They know facts when they see them. They definitely don’t believe in using The Bible as an excuse to exclude and discriminate. And, unlike our new president, they believe in helping their fellow man, not kicking him when he’s down. If you’re willing to ignore all this, and look the other way, simply for the mere possibility of increasing your portfolio, again, why are we friends? It’s amazing the difference one day makes.
And, FYI, for those of you who cast your vote for Trump because you wanted to “send a message,” because you believe our current leaders don’t give a shit about me or you, I hope you see the irony in electing the one guy whose sense of self-importance and ego dwarfs that of even the most selfish politicians. You really believe a guy who buys things for himself, using money taken from his own charity, is going to do something for you? I’m sorry, but that’s just laughable.
Trust me, I want to shake up the system as badly as you. But at what cost? We just handed The Philistines the keys to the kingdom. The inevitable trade-offs and setbacks we’re now going to be forced to suffer as a nation, in so many sensitive areas and on so many critical fronts, just to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the way things are, is epically disproportionate to the reward.
Unless you’re currently a white, ultra-conservative multi-millionaire, you just fucked yourself, along with the rest of us, for some time to come.
Granted, we’ve been through plenty of tough times as a nation; The Civil War, Vietnam, etc. But, correct me if I’m wrong, we’ve never seen anything like what we’re currently experiencing. Abroad (and here), religious zealots seek to wreak havoc on us at any expense. And, if the last fifteen years has taught us anything, it’s that more bombs won’t solve the problem. Yet, our new president thinks it will. Our new President thinks closing our borders and expelling undesirables, will stopterrorism. And, what about here?
At home, our streets, shopping malls and schools are filled, not with Islamist extremists, but with thousands of despondent, disgruntled citizens, so bent on ending their own miserable suffering, and causing as much chaos in the process, they have no problem opening fire on a group of children. Our new President thinks more guns is the answer. Do you?
But, okay, fine. It’s done. Now, you say, we need to “come together” and “heal” this utterly divided nation, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. But, here’s the $99k Question: How, exactly, do we do that?
Speaking just for myself, my respect for those around me has now dropped to an all-time low, and I’m not sure how to get it back. It’s quite possible you feel the same towards me? How will we react towards each other going forward if respect for those we actually know is all but gone? Magnify this feeling a few hundred million times and perhaps you see the problem. Maybe it will dissipate with time? I hope it does. For, if it gets worse, we’re really in for it.
United We Stand... is not just a catchy saying. When we are this far apart in our beliefs/ideologies, we lose and our enemies win. It’s exactly what they hoped for, and, with each passing day, we seem to be more and more hell bent on handing it to them on a silver platter.
We are heading further and further down the rabbit hole, folks, and the only ones we have to blame are ourselves. So, congratulations. Unless you’re currently a white, ultra-conservative multi-millionaire, you just fucked yourself, along with the rest of us, for some time to come.
We now have a megalomaniacal reality show star as president. Life is about to imitate art right before our eyes, and we ― correction, you ― asked for it.