Monday, September 26, 2016

Donny Disaster! 

Even with the lowest of low expectations, Trump tonight just couldn't handle 90 minutes of debate against Hillary Clinton. He tried, at least for the first thirty minutes of the debate, but as the evening wore on, he became flustered, quarrelsome and even more prone to lying than usual. He argued with Clinton, with the moderator and even with himself. He interrupted and he totally lost his cool time after time and became a mumbling, bumbling idiot. 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton stayed calm, cool and totally in control. She couldn't help but chuckle at some of Trumps more outrageous lies, such as that Hillary had been fighting ISIS for 'most of her adult life'. Really? Since 1965? Who knew? 

Clinton nailed Trump on his racist past, on his terrible business record and on his ever changing positions and on his disgusting comments about others. She did it without breaking a sweat or losing her smile. When the topic turned to his 'Birtherism' and the disrespect he showed to President Obama, Trump began to sweat and gulp water. His thin lips pursed and a scowl settled on his orange face. It went downhill from there for Trump and it was a beautiful thing to behold. 

Even Republican talking heads began calling the second half of the debate 'incoherent', and it was.\
The big question now is; Will Trump skip out on the other two debates? Somehow, I doubt it. Not after such a horrible performance and HUGE number of lies told by Trump. 

Even failed Gov. Chris Christie couldn't accurately explain what the hell happened to his candidate. 

So, we'll see what the polls have to say about the debate, but if the voters are even a little bit sane, then Hillary did herself a world of good and Trump harmed his campaign a great deal. 

By tomorrow, the fact checkers will have worked their magic and, I'm sure, we'll learn that Trump told a record number of falsehoods/lies during the past 90 minutes. 

I go to sleep tonight slightly less worried that this nation that I love will be destroyed by Trump and his deplorable minions. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Enemy of Equality Dead at 92

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Phyllis Schlafly who spent her entire life fighting against fairness, equality and goodness has died. One must wonder if she finally choked to death on her own glaring and blatant hypocrisy. As you can tell, I was NOT a fan of hers and, I'm sorry - I won't miss her for a second. I'm not saying that I'm happy that she's dead, but I'm also not sad about it. It just is and, as I see it, it makes correcting the wrongs of our great nation far easier to achieve. Much the way I felt when Scalia died. 

How awful of me, you might say, but do you really think the right would hold back even this much if Pelosi or Hillary were to die? If you think they would be subdued then you're either no honest or you're deluded. We've seen how they are not afraid to expose their racism, their hatred for any and everything they feel is 'liberal' or science based or inclusive.

Yeah, of course they'd be jumping and howling like ill-mannered hyenas at a BBQ buffet. So no, I won't hold back and I won't be ashamed for my lack of sympathy for the loss of this evil old woman. That's it.