Monday, July 10, 2017

Trump Really Is Putin's Bitch

And the embarrassing groveling Ole Donny did for Putin more than proves it. Imagine, if you will, a Democrat, on foreign soil, meeting with our biggest adversary in the world and, instead of confronting them about attacking our entire system of voting, Trump says he's 'honored' to meet the KGB Spymaster and then goes on to trash two former presidents, our entire intelligence machine and our free press! The hypocrites now known as Republiclowns would be running around with their hair on fire screaming about the 'traitor'. But somehow, when it's the cheeto colored moron, they're mute. Some of the fools even attempt to make Tweety McStupid sound like he knows what the hell he's doing! Amazing. 

Now, for any of you swamp dwellers who are thinking of spewing on here - you either address the topic of you'll be gone. Got it? Have an adult read it for you if need be.......


  1. So the Don's son, Don, Jr., met with a foreign agent, a Russian during the campaign to possibly get opposition dirt on Hillary. The Trumpistas are denying any wrong-doing, but everyone who has ever worked on a political campaign has unequivocally stated that if a foreigner approaches a presidential campaign offering oppo infor, YOU CALL THE FBI! This Trump Regime stinks to the sky!

    1. This is the -- or one of the -- smoking guns. Don't you know that Mueller is having a field day with this very corrupt bunch of scum. Amazing that the Repubs are putting party over country. Actually, that's how they've acted for decades so I shouldn't be shocked. I guess I just hope for better from them. My bad.

  2. Okay, "Doris", clearly you're far too stupid to read and then respond to the post so BAM - you're outta here.