Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donny Jr. Provides The Smoking Gun To Destroy The Trumps


  1. Don Junior is known in the White House, behind his back, as "Fredo." Fredo was the stupid son in the Croleone Crime Family. Others have observed that in the Trump Family, they're ALL Fredos! LOL!

    The Trump Crime Family sold out America to the Rooskies.

  2. Blueball, Rusty is a bit disappointed in you. You use Ana Navarro, come on...you can do better then her. Poor Ana worked for low energy Jeb Bush and when Trump buried the Bush family for good Ana lost any hope for a job in the White House and is relegated to cleaning hotel rooms in Coral Gables.

  3. So? She's 100% correct about this slimy and clearly traitorous bunch in the WH and you know it. All you Trumpanzees know it, you're just so used to putting party over country that you can't yet admit it. That's okay, Rusty, we don't really expect better from ya'll. Your Tweeter in Chief is down to 36% and falling, btw and the shit is really hitting the fan now. It's not going away, either. Oh no, it's only going to get more and more intense for that Cheeto-colored God-baby of yours, Rusty. Still sending you good thoughts for your obvious issues, Rusty. I AM pulling for your speedy recovery. Let me know how I can help. Here for ya, bro.

  4. BlueBull, a lot of the WYD escapees think that posting prettied-up Trump comments on Liberal blogs is going to make Trump great. Instead of increasing America's admiration of Trump, the more America learns about him and his slimey family, the more Trump slides in the polls.

    Six months into his brand new presidency, Trump is at a pathetic 36% approval rating.

    Obamacare is more popular than Trump.

    That fact alone must eat at their crooked little hearts.

  5. Donnie and his boys are TOAST now! Punch those MAGA troll NAZI's in the FACE!

  6. Beantown AntiF is a FAKE. Just look at his/her profile. The Goopers have lost what was left of their minds -- and there wasn't much to lose.

    1. You give them too much credit, Sister. I've yet to meet one with an actual working brain when it comes to politics. The old saying about them rings true -- if you could buy a Republican for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, we'd all be rich beyond belief.